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What to Look for in 2019: The Race for the Periphery

The wish for a world not dominated by a single power is still a hope and a dream.  On the global scale, the United States is unmatched compared to its geopolitical rivals (Russia and China).  This does not mean that the US influence is not invulnerable.  Geopolitical Futures released its annual geopolitical forecast predicting that 2019 will see powers battling for influence along the periphery.  I agree with their assessment, especially when the trends in Central Europe are studied. 

Geopolitical analysts are starting to see a recreation of an East-Westdivide in Europe.  Post-socialist economies are still developing immensely, but there is dissatisfaction over the progress that has been made.  A 2018 poll by GLOBSEC found that 21% of Slovaks, 38% of Czechs, 42% of Poles, and 45% of Hungarians identify that their countries are part of the West.  
A significant number of Central Europeans believe they belong in the middle of the east and west.  Respondents say they want their countries t…